5 small home improvement projects

home improvement projects

When thinking about a home improvement project, you might consider all the difficult aspects: cost, time, energy and so on. However, not all renovation projects are large in scale and take a long time to complete.

Some small-scale projects can transform spaces that are neglected, but which are nevertheless essential to the beauty and functionality of rooms.

These small projects can bring a breath of fresh air and a little life to even the most outdated rooms of the house. If you’re interested in a little weekend DIY or a one-day home improvement project, read on for more!

5 small renovation projects

1-  The makeover of a small bathroom

Most of the time, a bathroom makeover can become one of the most expensive renovation projects, but if you approach it the right way, you can easily add some beautiful elements that will revitalize the room without costing a fortune . Consider installing a new granite or other natural stone countertop to add an element of elegance to the room.

A new counter will require some investment from the outset, but selecting a material such as stone will guarantee longevity and quality. If the budget allows, consider installing a new faucet and mirror to match the counter.

Make sure you have all the items on hand before starting this renovation project. In this way, the installation of all the articles can be done at the same time. Remove old items and keep those in good condition. If you’re replacing an entire vanity, consider donating the old one. If all goes well, this project shouldn’t take more than a weekend or maybe a day or two more.

2-  Paint

One of the fastest and most effective ways to transform a room is to paint . Painting can be as small a project in scope as you want it to be. A quick makeover that allows a long-lasting change is to paint a single wall or an accent wall in the room. The change can be quite dramatic if you choose a color that is outside of your comfort zone. If you choose a renovation project, be sure to use a color that will match the rest of the space.

Try to find accent colors by taking inspiration from the furniture, different elements or works of art that are in the space. If you want expert advice, take a few photos and try to find examples of color combinations you like, or work with a paint specialist who can help you match the colors.

If you’re not interested in painting an entire room or a single wall, why not consider adding moldings or painting the existing ones? This is a one-day project that is relatively easy to complete. Just be sure to do this job carefully, because the more precise you are, the better the result will be

3-  Project for the backyard

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, finding innovative ways to make your yard a haven is definitely an option worth considering. What are some home improvement projects that can be completed in a day or two? First, consider what areas of your backyard might need improvement. For starters, landscaping can easily be modified to incorporate plants from your area.

This method of creating eco-responsible landscaping can help keep plants alive longer while contributing to the well-being of the surrounding area. If you’ve already taken the lead in including local plants in your landscaping, you can still modify the design or placement of existing elements.

A common problem when it comes to an outdoor environment is the presence of insects. If they are a constant source of irritation, why not build or install a gazebo with a net? It can also help create an area sheltered from the sun when you’re outside.

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4-  Cosmetic renovations in the kitchen

There are many small projects that can be completed around the kitchen. If you wish to avoid large scale projects, then it is possible to focus more on the aesthetic aspect. If you don’t have enough light in this room, have you thought about installing lights under the cabinets ?

This small renovation project will help you brighten up surfaces while adding a touch of modernity to the decor. The project shouldn’t take more than a day or two and is relatively easy for any homeowner with some DIY experience. However, it does involve touching electricity, so be sure to check with your municipality for current regulations before embarking on this project.

Another great option for the kitchen is to install a new backsplash . This is an often overlooked area and if the wrong material was originally installed it can easily make the kitchen look 10 or 15 years older. This is another example of a project that isn’t terribly complicated to complete, but still requires great attention to detail. If you choose this project, choose a material that has a good longevity and that will not need to be replaced in a few years.

Although natural stone or tiles require a certain investment to purchase, these materials will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. If the two previously mentioned projects are not small enough, then we suggest that you simply change the handles of the cabinet doors and drawers.

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5-  Projects to enhance the facade

Replacing your front door is a small project that has more potential than you might think. A home’s front door adds a lot of curb appeal and if the right material is chosen, it can greatly increase the return on investment. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future then this is definitely a must . Select a material that has good longevity, but is also unique, such as a wood or steel door.

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