Essential Cable Gland Selection Criteria and Options

Cable Gland Selection Criteria

Ensure the peace of your mind as you ensure the safety of your workspace with the best cable gland products. Before introducing you the best cable gland in Singapore, let this article inform you about the essential cable gland selection criteria and options.

What are Cable Glands?

Cable glands are connectors used to attach, secure, and terminate electrical wiring or cables with electrical equipment. They provide sealing protection for the cable. Furthermore, cable glands prevent accidents that could happen when electrical equipment comes into contact with combustible gasses, dust, moisture, or liquids. Cable glands are, therefore, designed to withstand various environmental conditions.

 Industries that Use Cable Glands 

Cable glands are often used in the marine, aerospace, telecommunications, data, and power industries. People also refer to cable glands as cable fittings, cord grips, cable connectors, or cable strain relief. In addition to their primary function mentioned- above, cable glands also carry out the following functions.

 Benefits of Utilizing Cable Glands

 Offer Environmental Protection

Cable glands provide environmental protection in several ways. They comprise several cable sheaths to prevent the emission of harmful substances to the environment. For instance, nickel- plated brass cable glands and nylon cable glands provide extra- corrosion resistance when compared to metallic cable glands.

 Ensure Safety

The earth tags in cable glands direct electricity towards the ground in case of a fault or  mishap. Cable glands undergo an earth continuity test to check that the above-mentioned safety precautions work as intended.

Types of Cable Glands and Their Certifications 

You can find different types of cable glands designed specifically to suit various environmental conditions. There are industrial cable glands designed particularly for Wire Armored and Unarmored cables. Low smoke Zero Halogen/LSF glands are utilised in the construction and building industry. Medium 7 High voltage Glands for high voltage applications are used in the electric power industry.

Cable Glands can be used in hazardous locations to withstand potential explosions. These explosions may occur when combustible gasses, liquids, or vapours come into contact with sparks or heat produced by the cable. In the market, there is a wide range of explosion-proof cable glands designed specifically for to use in explosive atmospheres. Remember to check the ATEX and IECEX certifications when purchasing explosion-proof cable glands.

What are the Criteria for Selecting Cable Glands? 

There are different types of cables designed to fulfil different requirements. You must be well aware of the requirements it has to fulfil when choosing the right cable gland for a particular cable. For example, cable glands designed for VFD cables provide a path for the flow of common mode current at high frequency. This current goes to the inverter via the cable shield reducing the problems that might cause due to uncontrolled common-mode currents. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the type and the requirements it should fulfil as you choose the right cable gland. Some of the other types of cable glands are Spiral cable glands, Straight cable glands- nylon, click-in cable glands, Straight cable glands made of brass, etc.

Environmental factors matter the most when selecting a cable gland. When designing cable glands, different environmental conditions are taken into consideration. Therefore, you need to understand the environmental conditions under which you are going to use that particular cable gland. Consider the following aspects of the environment when choosing the right cable gland.

First, consider where the cable gland is going to be located. For instance, you cannot use the same cable gland indoors and outdoors. You need to choose a certain type of explosion-proof cable glands to be used in hazardous locations. It is important to consider the temperature of the environment and its effect on the cable gland. In addition, you need to know the different aspects of the surroundings as well. For instance, is the area damp, dusty, or exposed to any gasses or corrosive substances?

Before choosing the cable gland, consider the diameter of the cable. It is important to decide the diameter of the cable gland to ensure that the cable fits well inside the cable gland. Apart from that, you also need to consider the construction size as well as the cable material.

When it comes to cable gland materials, it is important to consider the environmental factors, applications and the type of cable. For instance, plastic cable glands can be used with a variety of applications due to their claw and seal design. They resist salt water, weak acids, grease, etc. On the contrary, brass cable glands are resistant to corrosion. Brass cable glands are often used with medical equipment, machinery, measuring devices, and controlling equipment.

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