How often should you clean your house?

clean your house

Know how often to clean your house to be more efficient

It’s a fact: to keep a clean and healthy home on a daily basis, it is important to clean and maintain it well. Yes, but… to avoid wasting time and energy, what if you learned how often to dust, scrub the bathtub or shine the mirrors? Become a 100% smart home fairy by discovering how often you have to clean your house!

How often should you clean your house?

It’s well known: the first thing to do to never end up with a ton of cleaning to do at once and a house that looks like a post-apocalyptic film set, is to tidy up all the days . To do this, it’s not rocket science: just take 5-10 minutes every day to put away everything lying around the house (the laundry outside the bench, the glasses lying around on the kitchen table, the blanket rolled into a ball on the living room sofa, etc.).

Clean the bathroom sink daily to remove traces of toothpaste, loose hair that could create clogs, etc.

Ventilate the room well for 10-15 minutes to renew the air, without forgetting to shake the duvet and the fitted sheet to eliminate dust mites.

Clean the kitchen counter, the sink and the hobs to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

It is also important to never let dishes accumulate in the sink: the longer they remain there, the more bacteria proliferate.

So we put on some lively music, put on our prettiest plastic gloves, and get down to it – without forgetting to clean the sink after of course!

Weekly cleaning of the house: dust, vacuum cleaner and mop!

If you have a day of the week that you allot to cleaning, here are the objects and surfaces in your home sweet home that you should scrub once a week:

Shelves and furniture in general by dusting with a microfiber cloth.

Floors: vacuum cleaner and mop to hunt for microbes and encrusted traces!

Toilets: reserve a sponge for them that you will change frequently.

Mirrors, so that they can perfectly reflect the light (not to mention your pretty reflection of course). To clean them naturally, white vinegar remains your best ally.

To prevent them from accumulating too much dust, crumbs and other dirt, all carpets in the house should be shaken out once a week.

To remove traces of limescale and residues of hygiene products, remember to clean your shower and/or your bathtub on a weekly basis.

Because they are handled every day – with more or less clean hands –  smartphones, computers, tablets and other remote controls should not be forgotten during the weekly cleaning of the house! And the same for door handles while you’re at it…

What should be cleaned every two weeks in the house?

A question that often comes up when wondering how often to clean your house is that of bed linen. And there, things couldn’t be clearer: duvets, fitted sheets and pillowcases should go through the washing machine twice a month – or even more if you tend to sweat a lot at night.

What are the household chores to do only once a month?

Because not all surfaces in the house get dirty at the same rate, there are some small chores to do only once a month, such as:

Clean kitchen appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator) to leave them free of bacteria and other germs.

Shine the windows of the house to benefit from maximum brightness (and also because very dirty windows, it quickly cracks!). Lemon and white vinegar are the best products to clean your windows naturally.

So that the toilet bowl does not fall prey to pies and other unsavory residues, pour baking soda and white vinegar in it once a month: it will be shiny and clean!

If you don’t want your mattress to harbor too much dust and dust mites, you should also vacuum it once a month.

To avoid wasting your time and your elbow grease unnecessarily, know that an annual cleaning is more than enough to:

The carpet , which must be shampooed with a special product to stay clean and soft.

The duvets , to be washed once a year, while the cushions can be put in the washing machine every 6 months.

To keep them clean and eliminate dust and all the particles that have settled on them, an annual washing of the walls of the house is also recommended.

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