Kitchen decoration trends 2023: our kitchen designer’s top 5!

Kitchen decoration

Who says the arrival of the new year, says new design ideas to get inspired! At the house of Habitations Jutras , it’s a must to start the year on the right foot! We rely on the expertise of our seasoned partners to learn about the major decoration trends that will mark our interiors in 2023.

As the kitchen is the heart of your home and it is one of our favorite rooms, this is where we wanted to start! To do this, we called on our loyal collaborator Valérie Boileau, kitchen designer at Concept LG Martel, to present her

The refined kitchen

The comfort of the Scandinavian style is still present in the kitchen in 2023. Characterized by its straight lines, its comforting atmosphere and its great luminosity, the refined kitchen remains timeless.

Its modernity is both sober and elegant. It is a kitchen that highlights natural materials and colors, mainly wood and white, but pastel colors can also be found there. The kitchen with its sleek Kitchen decoration design is above all devoid of the superfluous. Keep in mind “less is more”! You will find functional storage modules and a minimalist layout. Most of the time, uncluttered kitchens do not have any handles on the cabinets or small profiled type handles are discreetly used in order to favor an impression of peace and lightness in the decor.

Natural colors and materials

A comforting ambiance and a feeling of well-being are felt in kitchen trends in 2023. That is why warm whites, beige and earthy tones are definitely at the forefront in decors. Pair them with natural materials such as solid wood, white oak and stone to achieve an inviting and enveloping atmosphere in this room that is the favorite gathering place in your home. Along the same lines, consider opting for materials with matte rather than glossy finishes. It will bring warmth to your decor.

A trendy color that retains its great popularity in kitchens in 2023 is undoubtedly green! Ranging from sage hues to forest green, this color blends easily with warm tones and natural materials. You can use the green directly on the cabinet frames, in your furniture or simply on the walls.

Back kitchens

For homes that can accommodate this space, back kitchens (or walk-in pantries) have greatly earned their place among 2023 kitchen decor trends. Their design is tailor-made to create a space functional completely adapted to your daily needs. Most of the time the scullery features the same finishing materials or a visual continuity of your existing kitchen. There are many layout possibilities for this space, you can use open shelves, closed storage, baskets, hooks and counters to place your small appliances. That way, they’re out of sight and cluttering up your kitchen counters. For the design enthusiasts among you, you can also use beautiful transparent jars with attractive labels to transfer the contents of less aesthetic packaging and turn them into decorative elements (ideal for pasta, flour, sugar, etc.). Keep in mind the watchwords for your scullery: organized and uncluttered!

Stone and quartz counters

In 2023, noble materials such as stone and quartz are still popular choices for kitchen counters. The 2023 decoration trend is however found in the thickness of these as well as the way in which they are arranged in the decor. This year, we really like to use a slimmer format. Opt for a thickness of ¾ inch for a refined kitchen, but also in a chic country decor.

A personal favorite among the 2023 kitchen trends is the backsplash extending from the counter. You get a refined look that is simply breathtaking! It is possible to incorporate a small 6-inch shelf to place decorative elements and make your decor even more personal.

As this extension to the backsplash can become a very expensive element in your kitchen, it is possible to create a similar effect at a lower cost by using very large tiles such as 24×24 or 32×32. Be sure to have them installed with as little space as possible between them to make it look like one big stone.

Vertical panels

Although the “ship-lap” has been back in decoration trends for the past few years, in 2023, this finishing detail is making its big appearance in the kitchen. This year, the paneling will be present mainly in the vertical form instead of being placed horizontally. Although it is often associated with a more rustic or country style, vertical paneling is modernizing and is used in kitchens with a linear and clean design. This finishing detail is found directly on a portion of the cabinet boxes or on the panel concealing the kitchen hood.

The vertical paneling brings a look that is both unique and sophisticated to your room. It also comes to energize your decor.

In conclusion

Habitations Jutras kitchens combine aesthetics and ergonomics to perfection. Conceptualized by kitchen designers specializing in exceptional interiors, our innovative kitchens with a refined and sought-after design, offer you layouts that are both unique and ergonomic. Although we like to be inspired by the latest trends of the moment, our choices of materials used always create remarkable and durable arrangements that will last over time.

Take the time to discover our achievements and the new houses with a ready-to-live-in concept available to you in Drummondville.

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