The 8 major kitchen trends to follow in 2023

kitchen trends

The nerve center of the habitat in perpetual evolution, the kitchen demonstrates its convivial character every day, letting itself be carried away by the most charismatic decorative trends of the moment. If the notions of durability and functionality seem to become inherent in the design of this piece, the search for singularity advocated loud and clear develops noticeably. Contrary to an overused minimalism, the 2023 kitchen cultivates a bold sense of color, materials and textures, reflecting everyone’s desires as well as possible. Color Block, mix&match, stainless steel touches and the return of the English style,

Here are all the kitchen trends to follow closely in 2023 .

1 / 8 The credenza stands out

If chosen for its ability to protect the walls, the splashback adds an undeniable decorative supplement to the kitchen in its 2023 version. daring coatings or even a surprising interplay of materials, offering an unprecedented dimension on the stove side. The perfect combo? Choose a credenza with an explosive color and paint a picture rail the same color. The opportunity to inject a fair dose of originality without falling into chromatic excess.

2 / 8 The art of mix&match is expressed in the kitchen

A skilful mix of colours, materials and finishes, the mix&match kitchen seduces with its unparalleled versatility. Contrary to uniform and tasteless spaces, the polymorphic cuisine finds a joyful balance in sometimes surprising combinations. Facades in dark wood , flat areas of graphic colors, an island with vitaminized facets, thus endowed with a flawless eclecticism, the stoves benefit from a unique aestheticism where freedom of association seems to be advocated. A creativity supplement that no longer takes the time to bother with codes of chimerical good taste.

3 / 8 High furniture disappears

While previous years had already celebrated a form of minimalism in the kitchen, this season’s novelties confirm a return to a taste for purity in furnishings offset by a choice of flamboyant materials. Freeing itself from traditional codes, the 2023 kitchen trend enshrines the disappearance of wall units , preferring instead a succession of filiform shelves. Promoting light, gaining visual space and playing the essential card: the kitchen without wall units continues to be emulated, even becoming one of the favorite layouts of architects of the moment.

4 / 8 The English style comes to the kitchen

Coming directly from across the Channel, the British style adds an extra old-fashioned soul to our contemporary interiors, propelling them out of time. In the kitchen, this unexpected movement is reflected in furniture worked with moldings, soft or even pastel tones ranging from baby blue to water green, as well as in handpicked accessories: galley sink, round handles, faucets copper and antique fixtures top the list. The ultimate association? A marble worktop to impose a note of sophistication with precision.

5 / 8 The central island plays the stars

At the same time worktop, storage unit, bar area and visual demarcation between spaces, the kitchen island combines uses to make them merge. Multifunction central element by definition, this piece of furniture with innumerable qualities is now transformed into a sculptural piece, refusing to confine itself to its usual role. In practice, the central island 2023 relies on daring coverings to exist for all to see: covered with colored zelliges, textured facets, an alignment of streaks or sporting monumental marble feet. Or the appearance of another idea of ​​the kitchen space.

6 / 8 Color displays as a block

While the 2023 trend is leading us towards chromatic maximalism, the kitchen is fully in line with this movement which aims to celebrate a palette of explosive colors . In the wake traced by the advent of a well-felt mix&match in the kitchen, the shimmering flat areas are displayed like blocks, often hemmed in white to gain in sobriety. We particularly like this inspiration which showcases color in minute refinement, demonstrating, once again, that taking a risk in terms of decoration is worth it.

7 / 8 Stainless steel makes resistance

As one of the safe bets in the kitchen, stainless steel has left starred restaurants to find its place in our homes. An exciting democratization of this coating made famous by its battery of arguments: resistance to heat, corrosion, perfectly waterproof and ultra-hygienic. Small nuance in 2023, stainless steel is not used either in total look considered too little warm but by subtle touches with formidable efficiency. We love it associated with wood, which light or dark, brings the necessary warmth to this friendly space by essence.

8 / 8 Storage disappears

Functionality and aesthetics in focus. Modeled on the need for purity and ingenuity that dictate the desires of the moment, the contemporary kitchen pushes the limits of architecture, making its storage space disappear. Integrated into a system of invisible doors worked with bold reliefs, retractable shutters or sliding panels , drawers, shelves, household appliances and other essentials blend into the decor, recreating a harmony calibrated to match open-plan spaces. Not without deploying treasures of ingenuity.

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