Modern home decoration: our best decoration ideas

Modern home decoration

To decorate a modern house , it is necessary to opt for furniture and decorative objects at the forefront of fashion. If you are not a decoration lover, it is better to hire an  interior decorator , who will be much better qualified and will allow you to have a beautiful, modern and contemporary decoration.

How to successfully decorate a modern house?

This is usually painted in a neutral color, such as white, beige and gray. With neutral colored walls, you can easily  create the decoration  of your choice, but while remaining sober

At the moment, everyone is opting for a minimalist decoration , which allows both to avoid cluttering up with a lot of objects but also to optimize its space and to have a larger and simpler interior.

If you have a small space, opt for modular furniture, which is very practical and does not take up much space. If you have any doubts or are unable to decorate your modern home well, we recommend that you hire a real professional, who will help you achieve the decoration of your dreams. Indeed, the  interior  designer is always aware of new fashions, which will allow him to decorate your modern home without worries.

Decorating ideas for a modern home

To achieve modern decor and a home that is at the forefront of modernism and new technologies, you must follow current trends. Today in France, modern houses must all be fitted out according to the energy performance standards set by the state. As for the layout, you should also choose modern furniture . However, to make your home truly modern, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Choose simple furniture and solid colors to keep it simple. However, you can add a colorful object to your room for a touch of fun and originality, but do not overdo it so as not to break the modernism of your home.  To help you properly furnish your modern home, we will give you some decoration ideas below , namely:

The fitted kitchen: for a modern, state-of-the-art kitchen, opt for built-in units, with a ventilated oven and a hob. For your dining room, opt for a Scandinavian table and chairs, which are very fashionable;

The Italian shower: no more bathtubs, the Italian shower is the new trend of the moment. This one is practical but also very design and will bring a touch of modernism to your home;

The furnished balcony: to have a nice modern balcony, install a small table and chairs there as well as some floral decorations to transform it into a small relaxation area.

Brightness is the key to successful decoration

Some accommodations are bleak since they are clearly dark and monotonous. The furniture is too big and the floors also darken the environment. So there are techniques to use to ensure that the environment lives up to your expectations.

We advise you to paint the walls in glossy or lacquered white, avoid matt as it tends to absorb light.

You will already have an impression of grandeur thanks to this very white atmosphere that you can warm up with two methods.

The first concerns the floor which can also be light if your furniture is dark or coloured, so you bring a little pep.

On the other hand, when the floor is colored or slightly dark, opt for light furniture so as not to clutter the visual.

Avoid taking patterns that can burden the environment, unless you are reasonable in terms of quantity. A strip of tapestry with patterns can be perfect in the center of a wall to bring texture and a decorative side of quality. You will be able to enjoy a quality well of light without, necessarily, living in a box. These are very relevant tips.

What are the preferred colors?

Depending on the room, the universes are not the same and you will then have different choices to consider. You should know that the decoration can have a certain impact on your morale,

For a living room, choose fairly light tones, especially if you tend to spend many hours in this space.

The warm side should be considered for the dining room with slightly darker tones without, however, opting for a total black look.

The luminosity will also be welcome in the bathroom and the toilets.

For the bedroom, warm colors should always be considered to create this cocooning aspect which can bring a good dose of well-being.

If you have an already dark floor, choose lighter tones for the walls, this compensates for the rather dark side and you also bring brightness. On the other hand, if the walls are already dark, choose white and lacquered furniture so that they can lighten the room and also reflect the light.

Organize your interior well.

When you have an accommodation like a house, you would like to make certain types of improvements but you don’t necessarily know what to do, where to start or you can simply run out of ideas by not knowing where to start.

However, rearranging your interior space to reclaim it, creating new spaces designed differently can be wise and completely change the way you move around in your own home.

Fit out optimized sub-slopes, create a veranda or a bright glass roof, break or create separations to completely change a room or its function, revise your kitchen, living room or bathroom… Fittings that change absolutely everything when

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